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World Missions

APCI is a global association of churches and ministries built upon the Biblical foundation of the great commission. We are actively involved in church planting, crusade, eductional advancements and humanitarian outrech; both domestically and internationally.

APCI has advanced the affirming and accepting gospel of Jesus Christ into countries where particular groups of people are considered outcasts or even outlaws. However, with scripturally mandated message of "Let Whoseoever Will Come", we press into areas most have not, or cannot reach.

Currently our fellowship has ministry works in:

North America:
United States, Mexico, Pueto Rico.

South America:
Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela.

Wales, Portugal, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda.

Please pray for those ministering and serving in these countries, Some place themselves in emminent danger on a daily basis just for preaching truth.

Others strive consistently to have funding for orphanages, schools, medical facilities and community outreach programs. If you feel lead to support missions in general or a specific program, visit our contribution page and sow a seed into someone's life. Designated giving will be appreciated to the work of that ministry.