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The APCI mission is to live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people around the world who have been spiritually abused and marginalized by the misrepresentation of God's Love for all.


The APCI vision is to restore and reconcile the Church of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost.


As a diverse collective, we understand that the context of our varying cultures and calls may cause us to differ from that of Brothers and Sisters among us; however, these faith tenets are common convictions throughout the APCI and should be embraced by all who seek connection with us prior to the submission of an application for membership.

  • WE BELIEVE that the historical Jesus of Nazareth was both fully human and fully divine. HE, alone, is the fullness of the Godhead manifested in the flesh: one Lord, one faith, one baptism. Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, had a miraculous ministry, died on the cross for the sins of all people, rose from the dead, and will come again to claim HIS Church as HIS own.

  • WE BELIEVE that the Bible is divinely inspired of GOD and written by men of old as the Holy Ghost moved them. No contention is made for a perfect translation, and care should be given to understanding God’s Word as it is revealed by God's Spirit in context.

  • WE BELIEVE that humanity inherited a sinful nature from the fall of Adam and that every person is in need of a Savior. Redemption is a gift of God's grace purchased by the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and is available through faith in HIM alone. Our faith in Christ Jesus leads us to repent from sin, water baptism by full immersion, conformity to a sanctified life and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues and other manifestations of the Holy Ghost in the Church.

  • WE BELIEVE that those who respond in faith to the Word of God make up the Church of Jesus Christ and that every believer should seek to mature and excel in the fruit and Gifts of the Holy Ghost to the edification of the Body of Christ as prescribed in the Holy Bible.

  • WE BELIEVE that gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation are irrelevant to eternal salvation. In Christ, there is neither male nor female and God is no respecter of persons with the principles of holiness.


  1. Spiritual covering and mutual accountability with open-and-affirming Pentecostal believers

  2. Legitimate credentials with the largest Pentecostal affirming church movement

  3. Ecclesiastical belongingness with multi-cultural worship and world-wide ministry exposure

  4. Ministerial trainings and mentorship

  5. Fellowship opportunities throughout the world

  6. Autonomous affiliation options

  7. Professional networking opportunities and resources

  8. Community support with growth opportunities

  9. Access to leadership services

  10. Community engagement and information

  11. Quarterly group SKYPE chat session with our Presiding Bishop to share vision and engage in Kingdom Planning.
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