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APCI has various levels of membership available:

CHARTER CHURCHES: Our charter churche progam provides IRS 501c3 coverage under APCI's registration. A $75 quaterly fee is assessed to the local church or ministry for coverage. Churches/Ministries are provided with documentation for needed purposes.


CHRISTIAN WORKERS LICENSE: For practical local ministers. i.e Youth leaders.

LOCAL LICENSE: This is a minister-in-training license. Allows the minister accountability and covering while learning.

GENERAL LICENSE: Allows the holder to perform weddings, funeral, serve sacraments. Licenses from equivalence from a previous organization can be transferred at same levels.

FULL ORDINATION: Carries full priviledges and rights as well as the ability to hold office within the organization.

Each level of licensing requires annual dues of $100 payable at the time of General conference or $10 per month.

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